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Display cabinets are a very important part of a successful visual merchandising plan. Our display cabinets are great to display products and awake consumer interest while keeping your products very secure behind 6 millimeter tempered glass. Custom Display Cabinets International manufactures the ideal specifications for high-end consumers that display items such as watches, perfumes, sunglasses and jewelry. The amazing thing about our glass display cabinets is that they are fully customizable. These types of glass display cabinets offer retailers and all other customers with many options to configure and allow for multiple layouts inside these glass display cases. With countless custom display cabinet options to choose from, it will allow our customers to have great flexibility when designing new store layouts. At Custom Display Cabinets International we have a very large variety of designs and styles to fill the needs of all retailers, museums and trade show attendees. The information below is intended to educate our customers about all the options we offer and have available when designing a new store layout or adding additional glass display cabinets. The most important thing is that we explain to our customers what we are able to do for them and even more importantly, WITHIN BUDGET!

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Over 30 years experience. We have been consolidated as a 100% reliable company.

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You just have to contact usOur team will guide you step by step so that you have your display cabinet as soon as possible.


The best finishesWe work with leading brands of lighting, laminates, aluminum and accessories to ensure the best product.

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